Love Story of Kunmo

tags: English fiction


I have known Kunmo since the first day at high school.

When I first met him, he was trying to stop a girl who attempted to jump the queue. The girl was astonished and her face flushed with shame. Her friend seemed insulted and said “mind your own business!” “That's right my business!” Kunmo didn't give way to them. Finally, the two girl left with anger. “Behave yourself!” Kunmo said indignantly after them.

“You are good!” I gave Kunmo a thumb up. Actually I was worrying about his school life, because I knew these two girls. They were going to be our classmates, what's more, they were both good-looking.

As you can see, Kunmo didn't get along well with girls.

He was not a handsome guy, actually he was thin and pale, which made him seem quite physically weak. So, he didn't play basketball or football at all. The only workouts he liked to do was walking along the Jialing river bank. That happened to be one of my favorites too. That's why we became friends.

High school adolescents start to be aware of love and sex. They like to flirt the opposite sex in some way, but Kunmo never showed any interest.

Time flied, sooner it was the last day in high school. We all hung out singing and drinking. I noticed Kunmo did not join us, he was walking alone along the bank. “What’s wrong, dude?” I saw his sad face. “Don't be like that, let get drunk!” He suddenly cried out, “Huaiyu!”.

Huaiyu was our classmate. She was not a popular girl in the class, but she was adorable. The major impression she gave to me was her nice figure. How come a short girl like Huaiyu can be so curvy?

At that moment, I realized that he had been in love with Huaiyu for a long time. He just had never talked about it.

That summer vacation was the longest boring period in my life. Because I was missing a girl who was impossible for me to approach. I totally understood how sad Kunmo was.

After high school, Kunmo and I seldom met each other, but we only chat online from time to time. He planned to write a book , while I got addicted to computer games.

“I wrote a letter to her.” He said. “A love confession?” That's old school, but romantic anyway. “Not that straight forward.” He said, “But she hasn't written back yet.” “Don't be upset. You did it. I'm proud of you.”

The next summer, Kunmo suddenly called me. He sounded so thrilled. “Huaiyu is coming to visit me this summer vacation!” “For what? Wait.... coming to you?” “Yes. She said she'd like to have a trip here, and want me to guide her around.” “New Bee! What did you do?” I was happy for Kunmo, it's his best chance. “Actually, I wrote her a letter every month, but she never wrote back.” Kunmo said, “It was not until last month that I figured out why. Her address I had was out of date. The letters was piled up at the old address, then they were delivered to her all at once somehow.”

No need to say, Kunmo had a pleasant summer vacation. He finally made the confession, and to his surprise, Huaiyu agreed to be his girlfriend. They became lovers!

Even they lived in different cities which were thousands of kilometers apart, their relationship had been quite steady.

They would get married after graduation, I thought, but they didn't.

After graduation, Huaiyu found a job in Beijing. Beijing is full of opportunities. It has great attraction for youth of her age. She wanted to stay there. Kunmo wanted to go to Beijing to be with her too. But unfortunately, he could not get a job there. His major in college was oil industry. There were job positions ready for him since he entered the collage. But out of the fields, there's no opportunities for him, especially he was not a social guy.

I suggested that he go to Beijing first, stay with Huaiyu and wait for a job position. Kunmo was too proud to live like that, he would never live under a girl’s skirt, and moreover, he had a family to feed back. Finally he went to Xinjiang, the place he was destined to be. There was a job position waiting for him.

About several months after Kunmo went to Xinjiang, they finally broke up. He didn't tell me right away. Maybe he needed sometime to calm down. Many years later, I heard from Huaiyu that Kunmo cried terribly at that night, and her heart was broken at the same moment.

Meanwhile, I went to Shenzhen, a place full of opportunities. I didn't have a girl waiting for me. Those four years of my life in college went away without a sign.

The story doesn't end yet.

Kunmo described his daily life to me: His main work was to maintain the gas pipeline. The pipeline was a huge project, it started from west of China and run to the east of China. There were lots of camps along the pipeline, a group of people like Kunmo lived there. The maintaining work was quite easy most of the time, they could have a lot of free time, and the salary was fairly good. Outside their camp, it was tens kilometers of Gobi deserts. No human beings, no birds, even not much grass. It took about 1 hour's drive to get to the nearest town. Life supplies like meat and vegetables were delivered to them twice a week by trucks.

The worst part was loneliness. “You know what, the loneliness is always around me. Especially for the night shift, I feel like I'm the only human being in the world. If I die, the civilization is gone forever.” “Get a girl, let the civilization continue.” I said. That might strike a chord in his heart, he stayed silent for a while, then asked, “How about you?” “Pathetic.” That's true.

Kunmo tried dating with a girl who was working with him, but it didn't work. As I told you, he didn't know how to get along with girls at all. They were mad at each other frequently, and the relationship last for only 2 months. Apparently, nobody could replace Huaiyu.

Life is always full of surprise, you will never know what is going to happen next.

In 2012, since Kunmo had been working in the camp for over 3 years, he got a change of internal transfer. He tried his best to get himself to be transferred to Chengdu. Finally, he was transferred to Mianyang, 2 hours’ drive from Chengdu. He was already satisfied.

Later in 2012, for some reason, Huaiyu moved back to Chengdu. All classmates in Chengdu had a reunion that year. After the reunion, Kunmo heard that Huaiyu was still single.

Kunmo decided to do something. At first, Kunmo was too timid to contact Huaiyu, because it was him who decided to break up years ago. Sometime later, he heard that Huaiyu was seeing someone. He knew he could not wait anymore. He called Huaiyu.

Actually Huaiyu never hated Kunmo, even after the break-up. She understood Kunmo’s choice, and she was ready to forgive him. Yes, just that simple, they restarted from the beginning.

About 1 year later, they got married! They bought a house in Chengdu. Kunmo still worked in Mianyang, so he had to come to Chengdu by train every weekends. Sometimes they spent the weekends in Mianyang too. In 2014, they had a baby.

I visited them on the baby's first birthday. The happy couple told me their love story. I was touched. Here I got a chance to write them down.

I started to think about my love. I didn't do well. Life is full of choices, and unfortunately I have made a lot of wrong ones.

By the way, Kunmo and Huaiyu promised to introduce me to some nice girls, but they haven’t yet. However, I can forgive them, because I’m trying to find one by myself.